Where’s Rodney?

We have a great love for national parks. So my little one and and I were happy to love this Yosemite Conservancy book. Not only did the illustrations do justice to the park (because Floyd Cooper has yet to fail us), the story really captured what it feels like to be surrounded my they “majestic” beauty of nature. “Rodney was outside—more outside than he had ever been before.”

The word Collector

This was a fun one because my girl loves fancy words and likes hearing all the fancy words in this book. But the best part were the two pages in the middle of the book when Jerome put words into phrases and realized that some of his simplest words were the most powerful. Phrases such as: “I understand.” “I’m sorry.” “Thank you” and “you matter.” We had a good discussion we had about why these phrases were powerful.



This wonderful picture book is a great vehicle to display the artwork of Floyd Cooper and to learn about Juneteenth and the struggles and triumphs of black Americans throughout this nation’s history. My girl identified with Maize always having adults telling her that hat to do.

Hank’s big day


Cute story of a bug. Illustrations were fun and it was interesting to see the world from a poll bug’s point of view. My girl was excited when she looked at the cover. “Look, it’s Bessie Coleman!” The main human character instead was dressed as her hero Amelia Earhart. I’m of course not saying that a brown child has to have the famous brown aviator as her hero, but mine does. So for her, it was a disappointment

Over the pond


It’s been a while, but we are back. Here’s a wonderful book about the beauty of an aquatic ecosystem. Mom and son enjoy a day on the pond, rowing and observing the animals that share the environment with them. My kiddo enjoyed the book but it wasn’t a favorite. Oddly enough, she enjoyed the glossary the most.

Come on Rain


the illustration in this book are beautiful, as is the story. it’s a neighborhood tale. splashing around in a welcomed rain shower made the hot summer day delightful for daughters and mamas alike. 

Flip Flops


my favorite thing about this book was the mother. it’s her day off and she’s going to the beach and yes, she’ll help you look for your lost flip flop but even not being able to find it will not stop her from her mission… getting to the beach. so we have a little girl with one flip flop finding creative ways to have fun on the beach. she runs into some friendly children and had delightful adventures. we’ve read this book many many times and my girls take away is that the book should be titled flip flop because there’s only one.



why wouldn’t my girl, who still enjoys to be back carried, not celebrate this book? and celebrate she did! she also loves the repeated phrase, as always. 

Jafta the homecoming


this is one of those books that I did not find  at all interesting that my youngster absolutely adored.  i’m not sure why, but we’ve read it every night for a week. unlike most other books she doesn’t ask any questions, she just is happy (and insists upon) to have it read to her. plot: jafta missed his father while he is working away from home and is glad he is returning.