Malaika’s Costume


this book was a winner for us. a little girl and her grandmother is always a win considering the special connection my girl has with her grandmother.  this book is set in a caribbean island. not the one we are from originally but enough for my brown girls to make connections. and of course to ask, when are we going back? soon, my child soon. 

The Nesting Quilt


this one was retired after one read. it was put out to pasture, sent down the river, given the pink slip, never to be heard from again. this book is about how a little girl and her family prepared for the arrival of her sibling. uhmmm.. nope. so when I was done assuring my brown girl there was not little cute baby coming, i hid the book and am not ashamed.

The Quilt


what a fun book.  a wonderful friend of the family made my girl a beautiful quilt and we like to make a tent and read this book underneath it. afterwards we like to exercise our imaginations by pointing out what fanciful thing everyday objects look like and making up our own tales. this has become an oft read book.

Mary Had a Little Lamb


this book delightfully features the poem *mary had a little lamb lamb* giving more than just the first –and most well-known–stanza. i like this book because I was that little twig of a girl in spectacles just as the main character in his book. it made me smile to see a little mini me. my girl likes it because it’s a familiar poem and because he pictures are cute. 

*can’t find this one on amazon. also, the hardback is out of print. we got this as a gift from a friend who found to as a used book store.

Papa Do You Love Me?

Papa Do You Love Me

there are so many things to love about this book. the illustrations are beautiful and the story is as rich. a little boy and his daddy’s love is a universal thing, however, the author does a remarkable job in settling it neatly into this cultural context. this is definitely a story we will revisit because not only is it so much fun to read but there is so much to learn. oh, and there is a map of africa at the end and it and antarctica are the only continents she can reliably recognize on the globe so that excited her to no end.