Jafta the homecoming


this is one of those books that I did not find  at all interesting that my youngster absolutely adored.  i’m not sure why, but we’ve read it every night for a week. unlike most other books she doesn’t ask any questions, she just is happy (and insists upon) to have it read to her. plot: jafta missed his father while he is working away from home and is glad he is returning. 

A Squiggly Story


this book shows a loving brother-sister relationship and isn’t it good when those are modeled! the main chacter writes a story, even though he doesn’t know many letters and his sister encourages him the entire time. my girl, of course,  wanted to write her own story afterwards and so she did.

Henry Wants More


this books will seem familiar to most parents. “more” and “again” are regular parts of the toddler vocabulary. henry is a perfect example of this. his family is loving and indulgent …my favorite kind of family. the book rhymes which is perfect so kids can scream “more” and “again” at the appropriate times.

I won a what?!


In spite of  the fact that this book (as have others we’ve read) gave my child an unrealistic idea of what kinds of pets her parents would approve, I enjoyed this book as much as my girl did.  she liked the fact that a boy had a whale as a pet and I liked the relationship between the parent and the child. I appreciate that they kept their promise to him and had an open line of communication with their son. 

Mama MitiĀ 


Thayu nyumba:  Peace, my people

this phrase is repeated throughout the book .. each time mama miti sends a Kenyan woman off with a sapling she utters that refrain. and wouldn’t you know, it’s the thing that has stuck with my girl long after the book dropped out of rotation. 

Thayu nyumba: Peace, my people