Mama MitiĀ 


Thayu nyumba:  Peace, my people

this phrase is repeated throughout the book .. each time mama miti sends a Kenyan woman off with a sapling she utters that refrain. and wouldn’t you know, it’s the thing that has stuck with my girl long after the book dropped out of rotation. 

Thayu nyumba: Peace, my people

Nobody Owns the Sky


this is the story of “brave bessie” coleman, the first african american female pilot. we enjoyed both the illustrations and the story itself. to my 3.5 year old, there are few things better than rhyming words, except maybe repeated phrases that she can exclaim dramatically and loudly. at the book’s end, rest assured that our neighbors were well aware that “nobody owns the sky!”


i am always amazed at the range of emotion that my girl experiences. they are so big. i am also amazed at her desire to discern what others are feeling. so the satisfied way she says “he’s happy now” at the end of this book is beautiful. the facial expressions and scenarios in the book are good for teaching emotional literacy. also, coffee shops are sort of our thing so she loved that part and looks around for grumpy people when we go out to one.