Jafta the homecoming


this is one of those books that I did not find  at all interesting that my youngster absolutely adored.  i’m not sure why, but we’ve read it every night for a week. unlike most other books she doesn’t ask any questions, she just is happy (and insists upon) to have it read to her. plot: jafta missed his father while he is working away from home and is glad he is returning. 

Papa Do You Love Me?

Papa Do You Love Me

there are so many things to love about this book. the illustrations are beautiful and the story is as rich. a little boy and his daddy’s love is a universal thing, however, the author does a remarkable job in settling it neatly into this cultural context. this is definitely a story we will revisit because not only is it so much fun to read but there is so much to learn. oh, and there is a map of africa at the end and it and antarctica are the only continents she can reliably recognize on the globe so that excited her to no end.

Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plane



we absolutely adore this book. the rhyme and reptition really make the retelling of this Nandi folktale of a man who ends the drought by shooting an eagle feather arrow into the clouds. the beauty of the narrative poem is enough to make this a oft read book. but, also I love how the reading of this book veers my girl and i off into discussions about weather, Kenya, biology and zoology etc.