I won a what?!


In spite of  the fact that this book (as have others we’ve read) gave my child an unrealistic idea of what kinds of pets her parents would approve, I enjoyed this book as much as my girl did.  she liked the fact that a boy had a whale as a pet and I liked the relationship between the parent and the child. I appreciate that they kept their promise to him and had an open line of communication with their son. 

All the Colors of the Earth 


the illustrations in this book are beautiful. as is the language used to connect the children of the earth to the earth itself.

Children come in all colors of the earth. The roaring browns of nears and the soaring eagles.

my girl cared more about the animals and trying to figure out the relationship between characters in the book.

bonus: multicultural and multiracial families are pictured.

Love Is


the illustrations in this book are utterly delightful.  my brown girl likes this  brown girl’s fashion sense. for some reason she enjoys reading the poem all the way through (it can be found on the jacket cover) and then telling the story in our words when we go through the book. as we are on a cusp of a seasonal change and have been talking about seasons, this book was a wonderful teaching tool as it marks well the passage of time.