Fruit: A Caribbean Counting Poem


a book about succulent fruit and a cunning girl written in Jamaican patois. my girl has a narrow range of foods that she likes so she wanted to assure me on every page (after she counted the fruit) that she would NOT be eating those. we did have fun putting our hands over our tummy and pantomiming how big it would grow if we ate all of the fruits that the girl in the story did. so we were not surprised at all at that her gluttony resulted in a tummy-ache.

Island Counting 1 2 3


“one little island in the Caribbean Sea”

we really enjoyed this counting book. what we enjoyed most was the multiple opportunies to practice counting on each page. one of the five market ladies was selling 5 slices of watermelon, another had five flowers on her blouse, another five buttons….you get the picture. also, there is cricket and limboing. math with an island flavor.