Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plane



we absolutely adore this book. the rhyme and reptition really make the retelling of this Nandi folktale of a man who ends the drought by shooting an eagle feather arrow into the clouds. the beauty of the narrative poem is enough to make this a oft read book. but, also I love how the reading of this book veers my girl and i off into discussions about weather, Kenya, biology and zoology etc.

I Hear a Pickle


although there is a cute little brown boy on the cover, the characters in this book represent all different races. it’s nice to see. how does my preschooler feel about this book? well to be honest, she only really like the parts where worms and poop are discussed. 

edit: this book has become a favorite. you know one of the ones she “reads” herself. and honestly, I’m not sure why